Deburring Guidelines and Finish Specs

Class A deburring shall have no visibal punch marks, meaning no steps, sharp edges, corners shall be free of burrs & hangers. Microjoint webs shall be filed smooth on inside of cutouts. On punch side of part, the dimples from parting punch shall be removed. Burr side of the part shall be smooth. Part shall be checked for raised burrs after timesaving.

Class B deburring shall have no steps from punching. Corners shall be cleaned of tabs & hangers. Microjoint webs on inside of cutouts shall be filed smooth. Burr side of part shall be smooth.

Class C deburring consists of removing tab burrs and microjoint webs in cutouts. Cleaning complete edges is not nessasary.

General Deburring Notes:
* Check print for welded seams, meaning if it is a box, do not deburr the edges that are getting formed up & welded together.

* Check print for any notes describing any edge callouts, stating that edges need to be radiused or no punch marks allowed, or for a specific angle and length of a broken edge.

* Slots & Cutouts:

* Check print for any tolarance callouts on slot or cutouts. Sometimes we need to use a punch that is the incorrect size, therefore the slot or cutout may need to be filed or reamed to size, or within tolarance.