Silk Screening Manufacutred Parts


What is silk screening?

Silk screening manufactured parts is a highly versatile technique for many manufacturing capabilities. The ingenious method allows manufacturers to achieve a variety of finishes on diverse materials, including plastics and metals. The process presents an incredible opportunity to customize products by imprinting logos, patterns, or texts, giving them a unique appeal that resonates with consumers. The level of customization is practically limitless, making it a go-to option for branding and other decorative purposes. Besides, it is quite budget-friendly, making it a cost-efficient option for manufacturers, regardless of their production scale. Unsurprisingly, it has become a popular choice for manufacturers in various industries as it presents an excellent opportunity to improve a product’s aesthetics while keeping production costs low.

Technology Additive Manufacturing, Casting, CNC Machining, Molding, Sheet Metal Fabrication
Protective layer and aesthetics
Available Colors
Black, White, Pantone Colors
Manufacturing Finishing - Silkscreening

Our silk screening process:

Our process on metal and plastic involves using a precise mesh screen to transfer ink onto the surface of a material.

  1. The screen is initially coated with a photosensitive liquid emulsion exposed to UV light through a premade stencil or film positive.
  2. The emulsion hardens when UV light hits it, leaving open areas where ink can pass through.
  3. This stencil is then placed on the material to be printed, and ink is spread over the screen, pushed through the openings by a squeegee, and onto the surface below.
  4. Once the ink is applied, the material is cured using heat or air-drying and then ready for use.

This process is highly effective in creating vibrant colors and sharp designs on metal and plastic materials, and it is commonly used in making signs, labels, and other decorative or informative items.

Why choose silk screening for your next project?

It has become one of the most popular techniques for adding patterns, logos, and text onto various materials typically used to create vibrant, high-quality prints. This method is cost-effective and highly versatile, as it can be applied on flat and curved surfaces to produce precise and intricate designs. In addition, it offers a vast array of ink types, including metallic and special effects, making it an excellent option for those looking to make their product stand out. One of the most significant advantages of silk screening is that it is highly suitable for high-volume production runs, ensuring that it’s an ideal choice for mainstream production. With its ability to enhance a product’s aesthetics, brand recognition, and overall appeal, this process is undeniably a must-have for businesses that value marketing and promotion.

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