Sheet Metal Fabrication & CNC Machined Prototypes
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Prototek® Manufacturing is a sheet metal company that began in 1987 as a family owned and operated business as a supplier of quick turn precision sheet metal fabrication and precision cnc machined products for the prototype markets.

Today we are still a family owned and operated business. Prototek® Sheet Metal Fabrication specializes in rapid prototyping of precision sheet metal and machined prototypes, short run productions, and quick turn around products and apply the most state of the art and comprehensive processes to meet the competitive demands of the industry or custom metal fabrication.

Prototek® also uses the latest software packages for sheet metal design and engineering, including Pro E - Solidworks - AutoCAD - CadKey - FabriWin - to accommodate our custom sheet metal manufacturing precision cnc machined prototyping way of business.

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Our ever-expanding nature helps to assure the highest quality in the industry, as well as setting the standard for quick turn prototypes.

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Prototek® is the first manufacturing company in the world to allow customers to tour our facility right from their computer with Google Business View.

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