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Prototek is a reputable provider of prototype and low to medium-production services. The company is headquartered in the scenic town of Contoocook, New Hampshire, where it houses a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop and a sheet metal fabrication facility.

The CNC machine shop at Prototek has the latest technology to create exact and complex parts. It boasts milling machining centers, turning centers, and wire EDM machines capable of producing intricate and precise parts. The shop’s highly skilled machinists and engineers use advanced software programs to design and program the machines. This ensures that the parts produced meet the exact specifications and requirements of the client.

The sheet metal fabrication facility at Prototek is equally impressive. It can produce various products, including enclosures, brackets, and panels, using aluminum, stainless steel, and brass materials. The facility offers a variety of sheet metal operations, including laser cutting, punching, bending, and welding. These operations ensure that the final product is of the highest quality, customized to the client’s needs.

Prototek’s cutting-edge CNC machine shop and top-notch sheet metal fabrication facility are staffed by experienced and skilled professionals. The company’s focus on quality, precision, and customization ensures that the products meet or exceed client expectations.


Certifications & Registrations at our Contoocook New Hampshire locations:

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Our Contoocook CNC Machine Shop Processes

CNC milling is a precise and efficient process for creating custom-designed parts. It uses a computer-controlled machine with rotating cutting tools to remove material and achieve the desired shape. The process works with various materials and is used in automotive, aerospace, and medical device manufacturing industries. CNC offers advantages over manual milling, including speed, precision, and consistency. It has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, enabling the production of complex shapes and designs.

CNC turning is a highly advanced and automated manufacturing process that utilizes a computer-controlled lathe to create custom parts from various materials. The process involves securing the workpiece to the lathe and then using precision cutting tools to shape and form it into the desired design. This method is beneficial for creating complex components with intricate geometries and tight tolerances. CNC turning is widely used in aerospace, automotive, and medical device manufacturing due to its accuracy, efficiency, and flexibility. The process can produce parts with exceptional surface finishes, consistent quality, and high repeatability, making it an ideal choice for applications where precision and reliability are critical.

Our Contoocook Sheet Metal Services

A press brake is a machine that uses force to bend sheet metal. It consists of a hydraulic ram that moves the upper beam down onto the lower beam to deform the sheet metal. Our skilled employees program the press brake machine to bend the sheet metal to specific angles and dimensions. The machine has various tools, such as punches and dies, which are selected based on the required bend angle and sheet metal thickness. The press brake is vital for producing a wide range of metal products, including car parts, appliances, and electronic enclosures.

Laser cutting is a sophisticated technology that uses a high-powered laser beam to cut through various materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, and glass. The laser beam is precisely focused on the material, which enables it to cut through it with incredible accuracy. The laser beam is also capable of melting, burning, or vaporizing the material, depending on the intensity and duration of the beam. This process results in precise cuts, smooth edges, and minimal waste. Laser cutting is widely used in many industries, including manufacturing, engineering, automotive, aerospace, and construction. It is a cost-effective and versatile cutting method that offers high precision, speed, and efficiency.
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Horizontal Mill, Hydraulic Press Brake, Lathe, Manual Vertical Mill, Mill/Turn, Vertical Mill

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Bending, CNC Vertical Mill, Etching, Laser Cutting, Manual Drill Press, Press Brake

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