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Our Denver, Colorado, location is one of our additive manufacturing facilities that uses the latest industrial 3D printing technologies to create high-quality products. We take pride in our state-of-the-art equipment and highly skilled professionals who work tirelessly to ensure that every product meets our customers’ requirements. Our facility is well-equipped to handle prototyping and low to medium-production runs, and we use the high quality materials to ensure that each product is of the highest standard. We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional service and top-quality products that meet their needs. 



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Stereolithography uses photopolymerization to create precise and accurate custom parts for various industries. A liquid resin solidifies layer by layer under a light source to create complex shapes with excellent surface finish. It offers a wide range of material options, such as ABS-like, flexible, and transparent resins. This makes it an ideal choice for producing parts with specific requirements, such as medical implants and electronic components. Overall, stereolithography is a powerful technology that enables designers and engineers to create functional parts quickly and efficiently.

Fused Filament Fabrication or Fused Deposition Modeling ( is an industrial 3D printing method that involves melting a thermoplastic filament and depositing it layer by layer through a heated nozzle to create a 3D object. Fused filament fabrication has widespread use because it is affordable and can produce objects with intricate designs and complex geometries that would be difficult to manufacture with traditional methods. The technology has revolutionized the manufacturing industry, enabling the efficient creation of prototypes and functional parts.

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