Multi-Jet Fusion Finishing

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When choosing the proper multi-jet fusion finish for your project, several factors must be considered to ensure the best outcome. Firstly, determine the aesthetic and functional requirements of the finished product. Different finishes can achieve different looks and characteristics, such as smoothness, texture, color, and durability. Secondly, consider the post-processing requirements, such as tumbling, vapor smoothing, painting, or dyeing, as some finishes may require additional steps. Thirdly, assess the cost and turnaround time of the different finishes about your budget and timeline. Finally, please consult with the multi-jet fusion service provider to understand their capabilities and limitations and request samples and prototypes to test and verify the finish quality before committing to a large production run. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your multi-jet fusion finish choice meets your project’s requirements and expectations.

Choosing the right multi-jet fusion finishing level for your project.

Multi-jet fusion (MJF) technology is a type of industrial 3D printing that rapidly produces functional parts with excellent mechanical properties. One of the unique features of MJF is its ability to make parts with different surface finishes. MJF finishing levels range from “raw” to “smooth” and “polished.”

Raw parts have visible layer lines and may require additional post-processing steps for painting or texturing. Smooth pieces tumble to remove the outermost layer of excess powder and reduce the visible layer lines. Vapor smoothing goes through additional steps to achieve a glossier finish and eliminate any remaining layer lines.

The finishing level choice depends on the part’s intended use and the desired aesthetic appearance. Raw components are suitable for functional prototypes requiring a specific texture or finish. Smooth and polished parts are ideal for end-use details that need a high-quality, professional appearance.

Level Process
Matte, grey finish.
Matte finish dyed black.
The surface is smoothed with a media for an eggshell finish.
Smoothed & Sealed
Bead-blasted and vapor smoothed for a sealed, satin watertight finish.
Smoothed, Sealed, & Dyed
Vapor-sealed and dyed (specify color) for a satin, watertight finish.
Primed Exterior
Exterior (cosmetic) surfaces are smoothed and coated in grey primer.
Parts are smoothed, primed, and painted (provide drawing with paint specifications).

Custom finish. Let us know if your project requires special finishing. Please fill out our engineer-assisted quote form.