Chemical Agent Resistant Coating

Finish - CARC

What is chemical agent resistant coating (CARC)?

Chemical agent resistant coating (CARC) is a protective paint for military applications resistant to chemical agents and harsh chemicals like fuels, oils, and solvents. It protects surfaces and military equipment from the absorption of toxic substances, reducing the risk of contamination. CARC coatings are made from specialized pigments and resins that are durable and resistant to harsh environments, coming in various colors to blend in with military surroundings. Its use is vital for military operations where exposure to chemical agents or other hazardous substances is possible.

Materials Plated plastics and metals
Resistant to chemicals, fuels, oils, and solvents
Greens and Tans - Camouflage Colors
Manufacturing Finishing - Chemical Agent Resistant Coating (CARC)

Our chemical agent resistant coating process:

The CARC process involves the application of a specialized paint coating to military vehicles and equipment.

  1. Surface Preparation – Cleaning
  2. Priming with a specific type of primer
  3. CARC is applied as a topcoat 

The process requires a controlled environment and specialized equipment to apply the coating correctly.

The CARC paint colors are usually a matte green or tan, which blends well with the natural environment, providing camouflage for the equipment. After application, the coating is baked at high temperatures to ensure it adheres to the surface and provides maximum protection.

Overall, the CARC process is essential in protecting our military assets and personnel in the field, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle any situation.

Why choose chemical agent resistant coating for your next project?

CARC coatings offer superior chemical, solvent, and weather resistance, making them ideal for automotive, aerospace, and military applications. They are also highly durable, protecting against abrasion, impact, corrosion, erosion, and wear. With various colors and finishes available, CARC coatings are customizable to suit your aesthetic needs. Choose CARC coatings for projects that require high durability, long-term protection, and customization.