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CNC Machined Ultem

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Whether you’re using Ultem for the automotive, medical, or aerospace industries, it is one of the most reliable materials that offer excellent strength and durability across different applications. Thanks to CNC machining, Ultem components can now be easily produced with great precision, accuracy, and reproducibility, making it ideal for both small and large-scale manufacturing operations. The details of Ultem components are renowned for their high-quality standards, toughness, and resilience to harsh environmental conditions such as high temperatures, chemicals, and even flame resistance. Unlike most thermoplastic materials out there, Ultem offers unparalleled mechanical and dimensional stability, which makes it a top choice for designers and manufacturers looking to achieve the best possible results.

Why should you choose machined Ultem for your project?

Ultem is an excellent choice for many projects due to its exceptional qualities. It is a high-performance thermoplastic with superior strength, stiffness, and thermal stability. Ultem has high chemical resistance and outstanding electrical properties, making it an ideal choice for the aerospace, medical, and electronics industries. It can be customized to fit unique project requirements, including tight tolerances and complex geometries.

Ultem is biocompatible and can withstand harsh sterilization processes. Its ability to withstand high temperatures, radiation, and chemical exposure makes it an excellent choice for challenging environments such as operating rooms and space exploration. Ultem is a cost-effective way to produce precise components, requiring less post-processing than other materials. In conclusion, it is a versatile and reliable material suitable for various applications, making it an excellent choice for your project.

Finishes for machined Ultem

Ultem is a thermoplastic material known for its high strength, heat, and chemical resistance. When Ultem is machined, it can be finished using several methods. One option is to polish the surface using abrasive pads or compounds, making the surface smoother and shinier. Another option is to apply a coating or plating, improving the appearance and providing additional properties such as corrosion resistance. Ultem parts can also be anodized to improve their surface hardness and resistance to wear and tear. Additionally, keeping the cutting tools sharp during machining can improve the surface finish of the Ultem part. Overall, the choice of finish depends on the specific application and requirements of the Ultem part.

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Machined Ultem Key Characteristics

  • Biocompatible
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Dielectric Properties
  • Flame Resistant
  • High Strength
  • Hydrolysis Resistant
  • Radiation Resistant
  • Rigid
  • Temperature Resistant

Machined Ultem Applications

  • Analytical Instrumentation
  • Electric Insulators
  • Circuit Boards
  • Medical Devices
  • Pump & Valve Parts
  • Semiconductor Components
  • Structural Components 
  • Underwater Connectors

Industries Ultem Machined Radel

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive
  • Electric
  • Energy
  • Marine
  • Medical, Dental, & Sciences